Pharmagnose specializes in the development of fast and efficient analytical methods for chemical profiling and metabolic fingerprinting of natural extracts. Hyphenated techniques based on UPLC-MS and NMR platforms are employed for the characterization of natural extracts or products based on natural ingredients. We can perform detailed analyses on various plant relate- samples including extracts, phytotherapeutics, food supplements, nutraceuticals amd cosmetics, concerning :

  • Plant metabolomics
  • Biomarker identification and quantitation
  • Metabolic fingerprinting and dereplication
  • Structure-activity correlation


Our analytical platform includes fully automated HPLC-DAD/ELSD/RI systems, High-Resolution MS (Orbitrap hybrid linear ion trap) equipped with ESI, APCI and APPI ionization sources, LC-TQ (triple quadropole) platform with wide dynamic range for MRM applications, GC-MS systems with EI and CI ionization sources, head-space analysis GC-MS, and a fully equipped Camag HPTLC platform including modules for densiometric quantitation.