PharmaGnose offers a range of bioactive natural products, in the form of enriched extracts & pure compounds. These are addressed in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and agro-food industries. Greek nature is the reservoir of our inspiration. Innovative R&D focused on eco-extraction (Supercritical fluid extraction, Microwave-assisted extraction, Ultra sound extraction technology etc.), state-of-the-art purification technologies such FCPC and thorough chemical characterization is our toolkit. Quality manufacturing guarantees that our products meet worldwide market and regulatory requirements.


Oleamed is a “green” olive extract from olives cultivated traditionally in Greece.


Phenolio is a standardized Extra Virgin Olive Oil extract.


Phyllolea is a standardized extract of the leaves of Koroneiki olive variety.


MediSanto is a standardized extract of Assyrtiko grape from Santorini Island.


MonTéa is a standardized extract of Sideritis spp.aerial parts.


Rosanie is a standardized extract of Rosa damascena petals.

Fleur de Safran

Fleur de Safran is a standardized extract of Crocus sativus petals.